Computer and network consultants to Chicago's North Shore, since 1998.

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Small Business Owners:

Today computers and networks have become a key, pivotal element in virtually all business activities.

We can help you:

  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Design and implement a network
  • Connect workstations or servers to an existing network
  • Give all your computers internet access
  • Design, implement websites examples
  • Let your users share files
  • Protect your work files from being lost, in case of a crash, or disaster
  • Implement remote access
  • Migrate to Windows 2000 servers
  • Set up wireless networking
  • Solve print and other peripheral issues

    Our engineers stand ready, with a wide scope of experience, to make your computers, and networks serve you.

Service Quick List

Windows Workstations
Windows NT/2000 Servers
Microsoft Office
Website Production
Hosting Your Own Website
File Servers
File Sharing
Many Software Titles
Numerous other issues

IT Managers:

If you are planning an IT project, and you need personnel, with IT experience and knowledge, for a limited time, or on an ongoing basis.

If you need someone to fill in for missing IT staff members.

We can assist you from the design phase through ongoing maintenance, and user help desk services.

We can even do weekly or monthly system backups, or other periodic maintenance.