Computer and network consultants to Chicago's North Shore, since 1998.

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Here are some examples of feedback we receive.

Shamrock Chicago Corp.
Thank you so much for fixing up our computers, email and website. After moving our office, we were out of service for 3 months, and 3 different companies tried to get us up and running, they only made things worse, as we lost the sound on our computer.
When you stepped in and fixed us up in a couple of hours, you won our loyalty.

We will be calling you again!

Shamrock Chicago Corp.

Morgan M.
We very much appreciated your excellent knowledge and help.

Maria N.
Thank you for helping me with my comp needs, getting my computers to talk to each other. Also, connecting DSL, to my 4 computers with the router. Thanks for your big help.

Margaret N.
Thank you for fixing my printer.

Micheal M.
Thank you Stuart, for setting up my wireless internet.
You provided an excelent service, at a fair price.

Michael R.
Stuart, thanks very much for putting me back on aol, its been 9 months since i have been on aol thanks for ur help. Even local store's couldn't do it.

Phuoc L.
Thank you for help, getting my computer running again. It runs great now. Thank you for all your time Stuart.

Mark and Hiromi S.
I'm very happy now you fix my problem.
This service is very convinience for me. Thank you again. computer is working great!!
If I have problem again, I'll let you know.
Thank you for your attention.

Mary P.
Thanks for helping me with my comp. my sound is great,
and my internet is working well, thanks again

Cheryl H.
Stuart did a great job bringing my computer back to life. Thank you

Reverand Chris L.
Thanks for servicing our church computers so quickly and efficiently. In just a few hours you removed our viruses and had our computers running smoothly again. We especially appreciated the on-site service. When we have another problem we will definitely be calling you again. God Bless. Pastor Chris
March 14, 2005

Judy R.
COMMENTS: Hey Stuart, thanks again. My computer is running great. I was able to load the programs I need and everything is moving much faster than before. No more dreaded blue screen either. Thanks again.
March 30, 2005